Philadelphia & Vicinity Club Management Association

PCF - Pay It Forward Fundraising

We are asking past BMI Scholarship recipients as well as current general managers, especially CCM & CCE designated, to be a part of our inaugural efforts around our online fundraising campaign. 


There are 3 ways to participate:

1.) Make a simple pledge today, via the Philadelphia Club Foundation Donation page, and your contribution will immediately be added to our efforts: 
Make a Donation 
(You will be invoiced similar to our event registration to complete the transaction.) 


2.) Go to our PCF "Pay-It-Forward" Campaign and make a personal contribution with just a few key strokes:
(If a first-time user, you may be asked to create your own log-in account.) 


3.) Better yet, click on the button below to start your own Peer-to-Peer "Pay It Forward" campaign and get your family, friends & favorite club patrons to expand your "Pay It Forward" efforts for the next group of scholars!